Make Your Own Chat Site Like 123 Flash Chat Demo

Want to make your own chat site, but still struggling with suitable host server, website structure, or chat software provider?

123 Flash Chat Software may help you to build your own video chat website, an absolutely popular chat site combine with flash chat, Livehelp chat and one to one messenger chat. Choose us, we can save all for you!

Exquisite Chat Site Structure
Make your own online chat site need an exquisite site structure, but an exquisite chat site structure should carefully planned. Usually it have foreground and background. Foreground including homepage, chat page, user list, profile, register and log in, and an embedded chat system which can supported by single sign on. At the same time, the background including the management system, and database system, which is contribute to manage and monitor your own website —- Just like 123 Flash Chat Demo Site.

Comprehensive Chat Systems Makes you a Perfect Chat Site
You can add 123 Flash Chat, 123 Live Help, and 123 Web messenger into your chat site to make your own live chat site. It covering the most popular chat style which supported by group chat, audio video chat, video conference chat, private chat, even assignable chat. If your website is about e-commerce, or you own a Business wire site need online customer service, 123 Live Help can implement this perfectly. And as the social group website, 123 Web Messenger can make the chat one to one. And we can integrate one to one chat button to the chat room, so that your friend is just at one click away.

Profitable Chat Site that Helps you to Gain Revenue
Of course, make your own fashion chat site will bring substantial benefits to you. Regardless of the advertisement revenue, you can get direct profit from the chat system. 123 Flash Chat provide you a virtual currency system which makes everything possible. Chat masters can activate the virtual currency system and credit system from admin panel and set the ratios accordingly and get started immediately! Reflected as credits or coins possessed by users in the chat, they will need to purchase with real $$$ actually and, that money will go to the chat owners’ pockets, which is basically the working scenario.

Make Your Own Trademark, Your Own Chat Site
To make you own video chat system and your own brand chat site is very important for webmaster. 123 Flash Chat system is just conforms to your website, you can make you own logo, ads and copyright design; Even you can inject you own idea of your brand. Also we can design the logo for you.

Neat Chat System, Multiple Chat Clients
Make your own chat site need to considerate the compatibility of your chat system and chat clients. 123 Flash Chat software, especially flash chat which include HTML chat, can working on PC, iPad, iPhone, and android system. User can chat anytime, anywhere, and on any devices! Also you can choose live show mode and avatar chat mode to enlarge your chat site compatibility and user group. The rise of HTML chat just precisely illustrate that flash chat is the peak of the chat software industry.

Make your Own Chat Site, and We do Your Design and After Sale Service
Choose a chat software to make your own chat site, customer service is always the first rate. With 123 Flash Chat, nothing need to worry, you just need to tell us your logo or your design, then we will build a website according to your requirement, just like 123 Flash Chat Demo Site. You don’t need to worry the support or the host server, we will handle all for you!

Are you ready for making your own chat site? Welcome to contact our sales to consult the service,
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8 Reasons to add Video Chat Script to Your Social Dating Site

Nowadays, social website become more and more popular with a great variety. Webmasters are trying to boost traffic by all means to get profit. However, among those dazzling ways, the video chat software is definitely the priority among priorities for a social website. Easy but convenient, low-cost but profitable!

123 Flash Chat software is the best choice made by over 400,000 webmasters.

Over 10 year’s experiences, 123 Flash Chat has become the leading video chat software of the industry. It’s a video chat script suitable for all kinds of website, at a price you can afford and with the ease of use you require. It’s supported by video and video conference mode, stable and flexible enough. The most important is PPV/PPM mode make 123 Flash Chat software as a ready source of money.

Besides, 123 Flash Chat is a leading multifunctional software. Fully compatible with all CMSes module; Powerful java server can support 5000 connections at the same time; Mobile chat and HTML chat make you chat working on anytime, anywhere and any devices. Especially the seamless integration is definitely can’t matched by any other product.

video chat script

But why video chat script is so important for social dating site?

Video chat script keep your website attractive and interactive. Uses will interested in your site more, and getting stay online longer. Once the video chat script quality recognized by the user, they will dependent on your chat. You don’t need to worry your site popularity any more.

video chat script

Video chat script like 123 Flash Chat Software can fully integrated into your website. Thus, user can single sign on, they don’t need to register anymore. Also 123 Flash Chat provide billing system integration, so that chat owner can keep all credits revenue

Video chat script will bring the advertising revenue that you can’t image. A beneficial cycle of more traffic brings to more revenue, and more advertising make your site more predominately. Thus, more and more users will add to your chat room.

Video chat script is good for your website construction. You can start your chat website from a simple domain and a database. Of course a video chat script is needed. Your website will not dull anymore, but attractive instead.
Video chat software can profit your website by PPM/ PPV mode, assignable mode and send gift mode. You can set your chat video different mode so that users are going to consume virtual credits to view those attractive video, put themselves on video, or send gift to others. And you can earn all credits.

Video chat script will put the user face before camera, so that the users can be communicated face to face. Just like they stay together, that’s the real sense of chat.

video chat script

Vide chat software is convenient for your management. You can kick/mute/ban users in the chat room, even you can communicate with the chat user directly.

Video chat software can build your own chat brand by long-term users, thus increase the site popularity, and expand your site influence.

If you are not believe what video chat software can bring to your site and your business, why not try to get started from here? Maybe you will get surprise!

2014 August Promotion of 123 Flash Chat!

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123 Flash Chat will allow chat owner to earn money from chat software with credits’ consumption. There is a default billing system in the chat script. Do you want to build your own brand by your own billing system? Do you want to keep all your credits revenue? It’s time to get started! There is a 50% off discount for billing integration service. We can save $999 for you in this month!

$500 Discount!
New buyers for 123 Flash Chat any packages will be able to get a free upgrade with PPM/PPV support which used to cost $500! If you want earn money from 123 Flash Chat, the PPM/PPV function will be a good tool to stimulate the credits’ consumption.

Free Hosting Integration
New Monthly/Yearly Hosting buyers can get the free integration service. 123 Flash Chat do the free integration service for license buyer and yearly hosting buyer. This month the monthly hosting buyers will be able to get the free integration as well. Seize this good opportunity to make the chat working on your site and attract more traffic and improve the loyalty of your members.

Free Monthly Module
You can get one monthly module for free on request by paying 3 months in a row. For example, if you buy a three months or above hosting chat package, you can contact our online sales or e-mail to request one monthly hosting module for three months or above.

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